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Styling Customizability

You can change how the rendered tree looks like by providing custom CSS rules or changing CSS variables to customize its looks.


The default styles are declared here.

You can further customize how the tree looks like by providing custom render hooks to provide logic for rendering the individual DOM nodes. This customizability is further documented in the Render Hook Guide.

CSS Variables

The following CSS variables are used by React Complex Tree and can be customized by replacing individual values:

:root {
--rct-color-tree-bg: #f6f8fa;
--rct-color-tree-focus-outline: #0366d6;

--rct-color-focustree-item-selected-bg: #e8eaed;
--rct-color-focustree-item-selected-text: inherit;
--rct-color-focustree-item-focused-border: #0366d6;
--rct-color-focustree-item-draggingover-bg: #ebf0f4;
--rct-color-focustree-item-draggingover-color: inherit;

--rct-color-nonfocustree-item-selected-bg: #e8eaed;
--rct-color-nonfocustree-item-selected-text: inherit;
--rct-color-nonfocustree-item-focused-border: #dbdbdb;

--rct-color-search-highlight-bg: #a2aed2;
--rct-color-drag-between-line-bg: #0366d6;
--rct-color-arrow: #9aa5b3;

--rct-item-height: 22px;

--rct-color-renaming-input-submitbutton-bg: inherit;
--rct-color-renaming-input-submitbutton-bg-hover: #0366d6;
--rct-color-renaming-input-submitbutton-bg-active: #095fc1;

--rct-color-renaming-input-submitbutton-text: inherit;
--rct-color-renaming-input-submitbutton-text-hover: #ffffff;
--rct-color-renaming-input-submitbutton-text-active: #ffffff;

This may not reflect the current possibilities. Look into the CSS source file to see all available variables.


Live Editor

CSS Class Names


The default render logic is declared here. Look into that file to see which classes are used where exactly.

The following classes are defined by the default renderers and attached to DOM nodes if the respective conditions are met:

Tree Container

  • rct-tree-root
  • rct-tree-root-focus
  • rct-tree-root-renaming
  • rct-tree-root-itemsselected

Tree Items

  • rct-tree-item-search-highlight
  • rct-tree-item-arrow
  • rct-tree-item-arrow-hasChildren
  • rct-tree-item-li
  • rct-tree-item-li-hasChildren
  • rct-tree-item-li-selected
  • rct-tree-item-li-expanded
  • rct-tree-item-li-focused
  • rct-tree-item-li-dragging-over
  • rct-tree-item-li-search-match
  • rct-tree-item-title-container
  • rct-tree-item-button

Tree Item Renaming Form

  • rct-tree-item-renaming-form
  • rct-tree-item-renaming-input
  • rct-tree-item-renaming-submit-button

Container for Tree Items

  • rct-tree-items-container

Drag-Between Line

  • rct-tree-drag-between-line
  • rct-tree-drag-between-line-top
  • rct-tree-drag-between-line-bottom

Search Input

  • rct-tree-search-input-container
  • rct-tree-search-input

This may not reflect the current possibilities. Look into the JS source file to see all available classes.